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NuBeauty+™ Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device

NuBeauty+™ Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device

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NuBeauty+™ Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device

NuBeauty+™ Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device

Regular price $28.00
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Welcome to the Next Level of Beauty Transformation

Get ready to embrace the effortless elegance of V-shaped face with the ElegaLift™ Sleep V-Face Beauty Device. Utilizing advanced Ultrasonic Cannon technology, we're here to redefine your facial contour while you sleep.

Hear from our satisfied customers!

Rachel, 52, Boston, MA

"ElegaLift™ is a boon for me. Initially, I was skeptical, but just after 7 weeks of usage, my friends started commenting on the noticeable change in my facial contour. My cheeks are slimmer, jawline is sharper and the slight sag around my chin area is impressively reduced. An age-defying, V-shaped face wasn't a dream anymore!"


Kate, 38, Austin, TX

"I used to feel subconscious about my round face and always wanted a more defined facial structure. After using ElegaLift™ for 6 weeks, I was surprised by the results. My face is visibly thinner, and the V-shape is more prominent. My skin looks firm and has a youthful glow. It's my secret weapon to looking and feeling good."

What is Ultrasonic Cannon Technology

Ultrasonic Cannon Technology, also known as Acoustic Holography, is an advanced cosmetic technology that stimulates tissue regeneration and skin firming via high frequency sound waves. Ultrasonic Cannon capitalizes on the body's physiological response to these sound waves to improve skin texture and contour.

Upon application, Ultrasonic Cannon sends high frequency sound waves directly to the tissue. These signals mimic those of natural physiological responses, triggering skin regeneration and firming. The induced stimulation enhances blood flow and nutrient distribution within the targeted area, potentially activating more cellular regeneration than a typical skin care routine would.


In a cosmetic context, Ultrasonic Cannon is a proven treatment for improving the appearance and firmness of the skin. It utilizes high frequency sound waves to stimulate and rejuvenate skin cells, making them more firm and defined. This process, in turn, aids in reducing sagging skin, providing a smoother, and more youthful appearance.

Ultrasonic Cannon technology is safe and non-invasive. Its sound waves are of high frequency, making them harmless while efficiently stimulating natural cell regeneration. The technology can target specific areas and activate deeper cellular regeneration that might not always be achieved through traditional skin care routines, contributing to skin firming and contouring.

How does the ElegaLift™ Sleep V-Face Beauty Device work?

ElegaLift™ Sleep V-Face Beauty Device uses Ultrasonic Cannon technology to stimulate cell regeneration, enhancing blood circulation and promoting collagen production. This process aids in tightening and contouring facial features, resulting in a refined, V-shaped face. Simply attach the device around your face and let it work its magic as you rest or go about your day.

Recognition from a professional

“The ElegaLift™ Sleep V-Face Beauty Device is a true innovation in non-invasive facial contouring. Utilizing Ultrasonic Cannon technology, it targets specific areas to stimulate increased blood circulation and collagen production, fundamental to achieving a finely contoured, V-shaped face. What sets ElegaLift™ apart is its convenience and efficacy; it has been designed for overnight use, ensuring maximum impact with minimum disruption to the user's routine. Its ability to yield noticeable results in facial slimming and contouring is extraordinary.”


Lena shared her experience with the ElegaLift™ beauty device

Week 1:

“As a teacher, I'm always in front of people. My double chin made me self-conscious, so I gave ElegaLift™ Sleep V-Face Beauty Device a shot. Just after one week, I felt a distinct firmness in my chin area. It felt less bulky, which was an encouraging sign.

Week 2:

This was the week of parent-teacher meetings, and I couldn’t help but notice a few surprised glances. Comments about my 'weight loss' made me chuckle - my double chin was definitely less pronounced.

Week 3:

I looked in the mirror one morning and was taken aback. My chin was significantly slimmer and the contour of my jawline was visibly improved. The beginnings of a V-shape were undeniably present.

Week 4:

After just a month, my double chin was almost non-existent. I could clearly see a defined V-shape. ElegaLift™ has transformed my facial contour. Now when I stand in front of my class, I feel more confident and it shows. It's amazing how such a small change can make such a big difference.”


How to Use ElegaLift™:

  1. Clean your neck and apply toner and moisturizer.
  2. Place the device around your ears, with the nubs pressing your chin.
  3. Switch it on.
  4. Wear it overnight or during the day.
  5. In the morning, clean and dry the nubs.


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NuBeauty+™ Sleeping V-Face Beauty Device

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