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ROSEYE™ Red Pomegranate Eye Cream

ROSEYE™ Red Pomegranate Eye Cream

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ROSEYE™ Red Pomegranate Eye Cream

ROSEYE™ Red Pomegranate Eye Cream

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price $38.97
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 An 8-Week Revolution

In just 8 weeks, the transformative power of our Super Serum becomes undeniably evident. Engineered for 24-hour efficacy, it provides robust protection against daily environmental contaminants during the day. As night descends, it shifts to a deep nourishing mode, infusing the delicate eye area with essential nutrients.


Top User Reviews

"Before ROSEYE™, my eyelids sagged and made me appear constantly weary. But after only three weeks, the tightening effect was evident. Even my colleagues noticed, asking if I'd switched to a new skincare routine. Mornings are no longer about trying to 'fix' my eyes." - Shelly Jones

"I'd layer on concealer to hide persistent dark circles I've battled since high school. ROSEYE™ has drastically reduced their prominence in just a month. I recently met an old friend who thought I'd had professional treatment done. It's that effective!" - Nancy Brown

A Woman's Second Face

From the moment you're born, your eyes are constantly exposed to harsh environments that cause aging and damage. As early as your mid-20s, you may start to notice the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness around your eyes. A woman's eyes aren't just windows to her soul; they are her second face, vital in expressing beauty, confidence, and vitality. If something goes wrong with this "second face," her radiant story is overshadowed.


ROSEYE™ Scientific Breakthrough in Eye Care

From the advanced laboratories of ROSEYE™, leading dermatologists and skincare chemists present the Red Pomegranate Eye Cream, a culmination of years of targeted research on eye care solutions.


With over 40+ years of combined expert experience, our team delved deep into the synergistic properties of pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. The result? A cutting-edge formula that addresses multiple eye concerns with unparalleled efficacy.

Our pledge to you is more than just effective ingredients. Using state-of-the-art stabilization processes, we ensure each component retains its potency from the first application to the last. ROSEYE™ isn't just a product; it's a testament to unparalleled skincare science dedicated solely to your eyes. Trust in our legacy, experience the future of eye care.

ROSEYE™ Red Pomegranate Eye Cream: The Ultimate Solution for Eye Care

In a rigorous 10-week clinical study, ROSEYE™ was tested across a broad spectrum of skin types, tones, and age groups.



New Eye Cream Super Serum

Ensures the orderly and efficient turnover of keratinocytes by regulating the metabolic pathways of the stratum corneum. This aids in the seamless progression from basal layers to surface exfoliation. Parallelly, the formula recognizes and interacts with the sebum stratum’s lipid profile, maintaining a harmonious lipid balance essential for barrier efficacy.

Nature's Triple Power

Pomegranate Extract: Renowned for its antioxidant prowess, pomegranate doesn't just nourish, it fights environmental aggressors. Its natural compounds work diligently, rejuvenating the delicate eye area and restoring its youthful vibrancy.

Hyaluronic Acid: A hydration powerhouse, this component dives deep. It plumps the skin, banishing fine lines and ensuring the eye region remains moisturized, resilient, and radiant, hour after hour.

Glycerin: Not just a moisturizer, glycerin acts as a skin barrier fortifier. It locks in essential hydration while shielding the eye area from external irritants, resulting in skin that's not only soft but also protected.

Rosalva Shared Her Magical 8-week Journey Using ROSEYE™ Eye Cream

“You wouldn’t believe the state of my eyes before. Talking raccoon levels of dark circles and lines that looked like I'd been frowning for a decade straight. Every time I glanced in the mirror, it felt like my eyes were shouting their own tales of stress, too much screen time, and way too many late-night parties. So, when I started the ROSEYE™ Eye Cream journey, I didn't hold high hopes.”

Week 1

Woah! Day one and my skin drank up that hydration like it'd been thirsty for ages. Morning puffiness was less noticeable. Plus, every time I applied it, there was this nice, snug feeling.


Week 4

A bunch of my mates, even the non-observant ones, were like, "Your eyes look...alive?" The dark circles under my eyes, in particular, are starting to recede.


Week 8

My eyes felt like they'd just come back from a fancy spa day every single day. Stubborn dark circles have almost completely disappeared. The area around my eyes? Smooth, bouncy, and had this firmness I hadn't felt in years.

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