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RegenEye™ Microneedle Eye Mask

RegenEye™ Microneedle Eye Mask

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RegenEye™ Microneedle Eye Mask

RegenEye™ Microneedle Eye Mask

Regular price $25.97
Regular price $25.97 Sale price $29.90
SAVE 13% Sold out

Californian lady shares her beauty journey

"OMG! Eye wrinkles really do make you look 20 years older! If you're anything like me just two months ago, you've got to try this product. I used to have such bad dark circles and eye bags and I've tried so many products to fix it, but nothing worked. It wasn't until my friend recommended this product (shoutout to her for saving my withered eyes!) that I finally found something that worked. Using it feels so refreshing, my skin became softer, more toned, and my dark circles and eye bags significantly reduced. My friends and family were so surprised, some even thought I had gotten cosmetic surgery! LOL, I wish I had that kind of money."
Sarah 43 SF, California

Hear Doctors' Solutions

“ 'Micro-needle eye patches' use the most exciting transdermal drug delivery technology of the 21st century, "microneedle array". It is a hollow needle with a micrometer scale similar to an injection needle, made by fine processing technology. It can pass through the stratum corneum without touching the pain nerves, playing a role in promoting permeation without causing pain and skin damage, opening visible vertical channels on the skin's stratum corneum, allowing the essence to better reach deep skin and take effect faster.The absorption rate of hyaluronic acid in regular eye patches is only 5%, while the absorption rate in micro-needle eye patches can reach 90%."

How do Micro-needle Eye Patches work?

Why Is This Eye Patch So Amazing?

The combined action of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C in the treatment of eye bags can effectively lighten dark circles and reduce eye bags, improve the quality of the skin around the eyes, and make the skin brighter and more elastic

"Hyaluronic acid has extremely strong moisturizing properties and can form a water-retaining barrier, adsorbing and locking in water molecules, thereby improving the sagging and dryness of the skin under the eye bags. This makes the skin more firm, plump, and elastic in the treatment of eye bags

Collagen is one of the main proteins that make up the skin's tissue. It can promote the regeneration and repair of skin cells, enhance skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of eye bags

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors. It can promote skin metabolism, accelerate cell regeneration, and make the skin around the eyes brighter and more elastic.

An enthusiastic customer joyfully recounted he transformative emotional journey to us!

Week 1

"I was drowning in eye bags, but this magical eye mask saved me! First time using it, I chilled it in the fridge and it felt like a cool drink for my eyes. My eye bags floated away, like they were going to take flight! Now I use it every day for stunning eyes, not bags that make me want to scream!"

Week 4

"I've seen amazing changes! My dark circles and eye bags have reduced a lot, and my eye skin has become softer. Now I'm a super fan of this micro-needle eye mask because it really transforms me from a "panda person" to a "lively cat person"! I've even planned to gift it to all my sisters."

Week 8

"My eye area looks completely different now! The dark circles and eye bags have vanished and my skin feels softer, tighter, and much younger. Using this eye mask makes me feel like a makeup artist doing my own beauty routine, haha! "
Julie N White, 34, USA NY

We are thrilled that our product has been able to help so many women!

"As someone with sensitive skin, I appreciate that the micro-needle eye patches are gentle yet effective in reducing the appearance of my under-eye bags."
Chasity W Brown,28, SC

"I was skeptical at first, but the micro-needle eye patches really made a noticeable difference in the appearance of my dark circles."
Heidi E Foreman, 35, DEL

"I love how convenient and easy to use the micro-needle eye patches are, and the results are amazing!"
Kris R Looney,  44,  Orland Park

"Since using the micro-needle eye patches, I've noticed a significant improvement in the elasticity and overall quality of my under-eye skin."
Pauline E Pleasant,39 ,PA


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