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PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar Adjustable

PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar Adjustable

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PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar Adjustable

PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar Adjustable

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Listen to the Real Feelings of Pet Owners

"PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar is an absolute lifesaver! My dog, Max, had a severe case of hot spots that left him itching and uncomfortable all the time. I was worried sick and tried everything I could think of, but nothing seemed to work. That is until I discovered PTLK™! After just a few days of using the collar, Max's skin started to clear up and he was back to his happy, healthy self. It was a huge relief! And, after almost three weeks, his hot spots were completely gone! I can't thank PTLK™ enough for saving my friend!"-Joshua E Aldrich, New Jersey

"My dear Luna, was suffering from a dreadful case of flea allergy dermatitis, which not only caused her physical discomfort but also affected her mental well-being. I tried numerous remedies, including topical medications, but nothing seemed to work. Luna would either scratch them off or lick them off, leaving me feeling helpless and anxious for her health. That's when I found PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar, and it was a miracle worker! I'm overjoyed to report that Luna's skin has almost fully healed. Thank you, PTLK™, for saving Luna and making her happy again!"-Frances C Dietrich, California

The Harm of Pet Skin Problems

Your pet's skin problems should never be ignored! If left untreated, they can quickly spiral out of control and lead to devastating consequences. Bacterial infections, mange, and hot spots are just some of the scary conditions that your lovely pet could develop.

What Makes PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar a Better Choice?

The PTLK™ physiotherapy collar is a safe and non-invasive alternative to traditional medication for pets. Unlike medication, it does not contain harmful chemicals or irritants that could harm your pet. Additionally, its effects are long-lasting and it does not lose effectiveness over time, making it a safe and effective solution for pets with chronic conditions.

Amazing UVB

UVB therapy is a powerful tool in the treatment of pet skin conditions. This treatment involves exposing affected areas of the skin to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light, which can help repair damaged DNA in skin cells and stimulate the production of vitamin D. Studies have shown that UVB therapy can effectively reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and even suppress overactive immune systems in pets with skin problems. In fact, a study conducted at a leading veterinary hospital found that over 90% of dogs with skin conditions showed significant improvement after just a few sessions of UVB therapy.

Here Are Some of Our Satisfied Customers

"Oh my god, I cannot thank PTLK™ enough for saving my little princess, Bella! She was suffering from the worst case of skin inflammation I have ever seen, and we tried everything to get rid of it. But the PTLK™ UVB collar did the trick! The UVB radiation in the collar helped to repair her skin cells and stimulate vitamin D production, which promotes skin health and healing. Now Bella's skin is smooth and healthy, and she's back to her playful self!"-Curtis J Zielinski, New Jersey


"I never thought my handsome boy, Lucas, would finally be rid of his mange. We tried countless shampoos, creams, and oils, but nothing seemed to work until we discovered the PTLK™ All-in-One Pet Physiotherapy Collar with UVB treatment. After just a few days of wearing the collar, Lucas's scaly, itchy skin began to show noticeable improvement. We kept using it, and now, several weeks later, Lucas's skin issues are completely resolved. He's a sleek and healthy pup, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing results from this incredible product!"-Rebecca V Williams, California

"Rocky, my beloved baby, was losing an excessive amount of hair and had bald spots all over his body. It was a stressful and heart-wrenching situation for both of us. We tried various remedies, from changing his diet to visiting the vet, but nothing seemed to work. Then, we discovered the PTLK™ UVB Pet Therapy Collar and decided to give it a go. The collar's UVB therapy worked wonders to promote hair growth and reduce Rocky's hair loss. In just a few weeks, we noticed a significant improvement in his coat, and he was feeling more comfortable and happy than ever before. The PTLK™ collar is a true game-changer and has given us back our beloved pet's full, shiny coat. We can't thank PTLK™ enough for this amazing product."-Ana K Rivera,Indiana



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