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Golden Egg Essence Lotion

Golden Egg Essence Lotion

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check_circle Comprehensive Blackhead Solution

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check_circle Safe for All Skin Types with No Side Effect

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Golden Egg Essence Lotion

Golden Egg Essence Lotion

Regular price $20.17
Regular price $20.17 Sale price $34.98
SAVE 42% Sold out

Wrinkles, Dilated Pores, Pigmentation Spots and Aged Looking Skin?

These are just a few of the problems that get in the way of our outer beauty, and the causes can range from a hectic lifestyle to unhealthy eating or simple exposure to UV rays.

We can't stop the course of our lives and daily routines, but we can take care of our skin by using high quality, dermatologically certified products like Golden Egg Essence Lotion skin cream.

Why do we recommend it?

1. It is an organic mask based on plants, collagen, carbon, antioxidants and eggshell membrane that helps to intensely hydrate the skin and as we already know, a hydrated skin will always be healthy, radiant and rejuvenated.

2. Because it is a product based on natural ingredients, it cleanses the skin deeply and helps prevent blackheads. It is also ideal for oily skin due to its pore minimizing effect.

3. Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation spots, according to an 8-week study, the results being:

- Fine lines were reduced by 38%.

- Skin firmness increased by 35%.

- Pigmentation spots were reduced by 48%.

4. It is ideal for all skin types, from dry and sensitive to oily and acneic.


Thanks to the natural ingredients used,Golden Egg Essence Lotion acts in depth and helps to renew the epidermal tissue of dehydrated skin, aging or with various diseases. 

And to really help you regain your outer beauty without spending a fortune, try it now! All you have to lose is a few years on your face!

How to use.

1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.
2. Apply a thin layer of golden lotion on the skin.
3. Place it on your face for 3 minutes until dry, then simply peel it off
4. Enjoy a healthy and glowing complexion!

Quantity: 30g

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