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Obsidian PI Xiu Energy Balance Bracelet

Obsidian PI Xiu Energy Balance Bracelet

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Obsidian PI Xiu Energy Balance Bracelet

Obsidian PI Xiu Energy Balance Bracelet

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See How the Energy Balance Bracelet Changed Lives


If you have been feeling powerless (to change the balance of your energy field)...

Each individual is connected to the Earth, the universe, and possesses an inherent energy field that influences their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The balance and harmony of this energy field are crucial for experiencing a sense of equilibrium, joy, and fulfillment. Disruptions or imbalances in the energy field can adversely affect one's luck and financial prosperity by hindering the flow of positive energy and limiting their ability to attract wealth and opportunities.


Simply wear this on your left hand, it will balance your energy field and bring you good luck

This captivating bracelet, adorned with the mystical essence of obsidian, becomes a conduit for transforming the energy field that surrounds you. As you wear this sacred accessory, it harmonizes the vibrations within, creating a balanced and magnetic energy flow that attracts boundless wealth and fortune. The marriage of obsidian and the auspicious Pixiu symbol is a mystical alchemy that unlocks the hidden potentials of the universe, guiding you towards a path illuminated with prosperity and abundance.


In ancient Feng Shui scriptures the right hand symbolizes GIVING someone wealth.

While the left hand symbolizes receiving wealth.

So always wear this bracelet on your left wrist.


Remember to touch it frequently as a reminder for the Pixiu creature that you’re the master and that he should bring wealth to you.


Balancing Energy Fields for Luck and Wealth

Wear the bracelet on your left hand, focus your intention and positive thoughts on this bracelet, concentrate on its presence, meditate for 20 minutes, and spend 10 minutes affirming yourself. Allow the energy to flow through your body, maintaining balance with the surrounding elements and clearing any chaotic energy within you. During this process, you may experience a strong sensation coursing through your entire body, as the universe guides you towards a second path, bringing you closer to the state of existence that aligns with your dreams.


2 powerful elements for attracting wealth


Harnessing its mystical properties, obsidian brings balance to your energy field, purging negativity and creating a serene and clear state of mind. As you embrace this resplendent stone, it ignites an inner radiance, attracting positive vibrations that harmonize your energy and guide you towards a realm of unwavering tranquility. With your energy field in balance, you open the doors to attract abundant wealth and prosperity.


In the Western culture, the Pixiu is often regarded as a symbol with mystical and magical powers, believed to bring good luck, wealth, and protection. It is frequently used in the fields of feng shui, as feng shui ornaments, talismans, and decorative items, seen as a symbol that attracts wealth and wards off evil.


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